What I do

How often do you pick up a report and think - this is too long, tedious to read, poorly written, full of jargon, lacks a concise exec summary, and clear objectives, and conclusions.  Well perhaps not all in the same document, but if some of these criticisms match with your concerns, I can help you.

Following a life time in international development consultancy, in research, and in water engineering teaching postgraduates from over 60 different countries, I have spent the last 19 years supporting international organisations to improve communications, produce books, reports, papers, articles, training materials, and workshops, on time and within budget.  

Technical writing and editing is mostly what I do.  My specialist field is water resources, management, and irrigation.  Although I do other things as well across natural resources, livelihoods, and marketing for development.  I can take your technical reports, research papers, annual reports, strategies and the like, and edit or rewrite them for you so they are short(er), sharp, to the point, interesting to read, and tailored to your audience. Note that we do not do bull-s**t.  Just ask any of our clients.

I can write from scratch researching, critically reviewing, and synthesising material.   But more often I am presented with material which just needs knocking into shape, with some editing and rewriting. 

I have long experience and are sensitive to supporting leading international authors whose first language is not English (see GWP reports).  I also tackle multi-author reports and papers where different writing styles and language idosyncracies need blending. 

My specialist areas include drought policy and planning, agricultural water management, water resources, climate change, irrigation, water security, sustainable development, environmental awareness, international development, research, hydraulics, hydrology, water quality, and rural development.

I can take your publications through to design and printing.  This may be hard copy or high definition pdf for printing in your own country.

I do lots of other things as well including creating websites, newsletters, organising workshops, conferences, and international study tours.

See examples of our work:


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