Study tours

We plan organise and deliver study tours to clients requirement using our extensive network of professional contacts across the world. here are some examples.

Aghan regional directors in South Africa

Major rehabilitation programmes are underway across Afghanistan to increase water security and agricultural production using irrigation.  This study tour was to aquaint senior professionals from various water and water using ministries with developments in integrated water resources management and irrigation.  It focused on how South Africa manages river basins, deals with water sharing with other nations, how research is prioritised, how capacity is built in the agricultural water sector, and how agri-business interacts with government and water resources management. South Africa has a split economy - a thriving modern commercially based agricultural economy and one built around smallholder farmers where economic and social development are the main priorities.  Afghanistan is likely to have similar challenges in the future.
Some comments from participants:

"We were interested to see how South Africa established the river basin authorities and how the new Water Laws were working in practice"
"South Africa has good experience of trans-boundary water management with water sharing with Mozambique, and Swaziland from the same catchment"

"We cannot replicate in Afghanistan what South Africa has done, but we can apply the lessons we have learned" 

Client: Ministry of Water and Energy and the World Bank

UK irrigation farmers in israel

Farmer irrigating fruit and veg in eastern and southern England are concerned about the future of irrigation and water availability.  So we organised this study tour to Israel to see how their farmers cope with acute water shortages while growing field, orchard and protected crops, how they make effective use of freshwater and recycled wastewater, and desalinated water.

In the north farmers visited farms around the Sea of Galilee and the River Jordan which is mainly rainfed cropping.  Then to the south, which is arid, where farmers use recycled wastewater for irrigation and are exploring desalinated water. 

"Israel has major ecological problems but is resolving this with crea􀀀ng fresh water from sea water"  "Amazing amount of water re‐use—something we should be looking more into"
For more farmer impressions see this short utube video

visit to Irrigated strawberry farm in UK

Farmers in UK always like to see what other farmers are doing and to share ideas and solve problems.  'Working together' has many advantages even in a commercial environment, particularly when lobbying government over water rights and access to water for irrigation

We regularly organise visits to farms and organise discussion meeting for farmers on behalf of the UK Irrigation Association.  This visit was to a major strawberry producer in Kent who grows quality produce for the main supermarkets in UK. 

Client: UK Irrigation Association


Senior Indian water managers visit UK

We organised a short study tour to the UK for an Indian delegation to gain first hand experience of how agricultural irrigation is planned, practised, delivered, and managed in the UK and particularly its importance in delivering high yields and quality produce into the UK and European food supply chain. 
Although there are many obvious differences in irrigated farming between India and the UK, there are also many similarities - supplementary irrigation, groundwater abstraction, reservoir storage, scheduling practices, water shortages and environmental considerations.

Client: University of Lancaster and DFID