Practical Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineeering

A different kind of hydaulics book

Do you need to know about hydraulics but find it daunting?   Not an engineer?

Then this book is for you.

Water is at the centre of world attention as never before and professionals from all walks of life are engaging in careers in water - in public water supply, irrigation, energy, environment, and amenity.

This book provides the basics, it is simple, practical, and avoids (most) of the maths of traditional text books. Lots of excellent 'stories' help you to quickly grasp important water principles and practices.

Read about the '5 great myths' of water engineering and how your bathtub ids a good place to learn about hydraulics

This 3rd edition is broader in scope with new chapters on water engineering, and water management and security. Civil engineers may also find a useful complement to the more rigorous textbooks.

'Practical Hydraulics is an excellent introduction to this important field, using language and real-world examples that bring the subject to life. With minimal maths it should appeal to those approaching the subject for the first time...' Grant Wright Heriot-Watt University, UK

'This book contains many excellent explanations of fundamental hydraulic principles, presented in a way which is understandable to students from many disciplines.....' Andrew Chadwick, formerly University of Plymouth, UK

'This book deals with the key issues of water management in a lively and informative way and a writing style which engages the reader. The focus is less on maths and more on understanding the key issues' Derek Clarke, University of Southampton, UK

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